Mark J. Amstutz


President and Co-Owner

Mark is a born and raised farmer, proud husband, father of 2, and grandfather of 4.   


Always Ready to Lend a Hand

No matter what he's doing, Mark is always willing and ready to help out at the job site when needed.


Keeping Everyone Going

From keeping track of the books to helping at the job site, Mark is very good at handling a work load.  Always on the move he's usually out bidding jobs,  handling the finances, bringing the crew lunch, and keeping the company moving forward.  He doesn't bat an eye to make sure his customers and employees are happy and well taken of.

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Tyler J. Amstutz


CEO & Co-Owner

Son of Mark, Tyler too was born and raised on a farm.  He is a husband and a father of 2 boys.  Aside from farming with his father and uncle, Tyler worked for 7 years in a gravel pit.  After that he worked for the Lenawee County Road Commission where he would discover his love for pruning and tree removal.  Deciding to start his own side job of tree removal,  Tyler and Mark (along with any willing friends) worked weekends for 2 years. With customers being more then happy with their work, the word spread fast, and it was time to go at it full time.  


More Then a Job

Bettering himself day by day, Tyler is always studying keeping himself well educated, from proper pruning, tree biology, new climbing techniques, and much more.  Tyler is the man behind almost every tree removal and prune job.  As the jobs wrap up, Tyler will always double check his and his crews work to be sure everything is done correctly.

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Alex D. Brown


Plant Health and Pest Management

Husband and father of 2, Alex is another born and raised farmer.  Alex is a 30 year long friend of Tyler.  Being friends since preschool to working together in the gravel pit, Alex and Tyler have learned how eachother works and thinks, making it easier to do every job with precision.  Aside from farming his whole life, Alex's last career gave him an opportunity to learn about pesticides and pest management practices, along with plant health.


A Growing Company

With satisfied after satisfied customers, the jobs just kept coming.  After a few months of being full time, Tyler and Mark decided to bring in another full time employee.  Alex was more then pleased to be offered such a great opportunity.  With his background in pesticides and plant health,  Alex will be doing most of the Plant Health Care.  

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Evan Garno


A Skilled Climber

When more hands are needed or we need another climber, Evan is the one we call.  Evan has been in the tree services for 3 years, he is an extra set of hands on the ground, but his main area he specializes in is climbing.


Young but willing to Learn

Being the youngest of the crew, Evan is given a hard time (in a friendly way) by the others, but that doesnt stop his love of the buisness and his interest to learn and expand his knowledge.