Tree Health and Treatment


Trunk Injection

Trunk Injection will put the prescription directly into the trees vascular system with the elimination of chemical run off,  ground leach, and drift.   

Fungicide Applications

It seems like most tree problems are caused by a fungal infection.  A fungal infection can target any part of the plant, we will diagnose and determine the cause and what kind of treatment will best fit your situation.  A treatment could be from a simple pruning to a multi fungicide application. Trunk injection will send the fungicide directly to the root of the problem, without having to wait for a clear, wind free day, and worrying about the fungicide getting washed away by a sudden rain storm.

Pesticide Applications

Very few people like insects, especially the ones that are destroying your favorite shade tree.  There are a wide variety of insects that range from borers, disease transmitting, to foliage destroying.  Pesticides that are trunk injected will target and terminate the problem insect without harming the insects we need,  such as bees.


As all living things,  trees need the proper nutrition.  The macronutrients that will keep your tree thriving such as, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can be injected as well.  Injecting the nutrients will give the tree all it needs without being robbed by other plants, or being washed away.  


Sometimes all a tree needs to fight off or prevent a fungal infection is to get some sun and air past the canopy.  Letting the inside of the foliage dry out, will help keep any fungi from being able to get established and destroying your tree.  Not only will letting it dry out be good for the tree, but getting rid of unsightly limbs and clearing the dead ones will be good for preventing any future hazards that may arise. 

Cabling and Securing

Trees dont always develope as they should.  For a variety of reasons, sometimes a multi stem or a branch can start to tear away from the tree.  Cabling a limb that is starting to break away can bring that limb back to the tree and will allow the tree to naturally heal itself.  Not only will it keep your tree beautiful and healthy,  it will keep that limb attached to the tree rather then a possible disaster waiting for the next storm.